Recent Calls
Mon. Mar 22nd 2021
Williamsville Fire Dept got reports of a garage fire today at 16:45 hours. With the joint efforts of local departments; Snyder and Main-Transit a quick knock down was accomplished and the fire spread ...
Sat. May 30th 2020
Saturday night we responded to a report of a vehicle fire inside an attached garage on Wellington Ct. Upon arrival there was smoke showing and a fire in the engine compartment. The owner attempted t...
Sun. Aug 4th 2019
This afternoon we were dispatched with Snyder Fire Department for a poss house fire on N. Union Rd. Snyder 9-5 was on location and reported a working fire. Crews made a quick knock down in the kitchen...
Fri. May 17th 2019
An Evans Street resident remains hospitalized after being rescued from his burning apartment by Williamsville firefighters Friday morning.Vello Puust, 87, who occupies a second-floor apartment at 327 ...
Sun. Apr 7th 2019
Williamsville Firefighters were called to the scene of a one car MVA on April 7th, 2019 at approximately 3:30 am. Upon arrival of first arriving emergency personnel, the vehicle was engulfed in fire a...
News Headlines
Wed. Aug 2nd 2017
The Williamsville Fire Department recently purchased eight ballistic vests to protect its volunteer personnel against any threats that could possibly occur at emergency scenes.According to Williamsvil...
Fri. Jan 4th 2013
Wiliamsville firefighters were dispatched to a car fire on 1/4/13, at 02:38. WFD 9-1 got on location and reported a fire in the engine compartment. The fire was extinguished, the vehicle was listed ...
Thu. Jun 28th 2012
Williamsville's old Engine 1 (built 1947) participated in the June 23 "Grande Parade" in Fort Erie, Ontario. It was accompanied by an almost identical 1947 pumper owned by the Fort Erie LaFr...
Wed. May 30th 2012
From the Amherst Bee -
A Williamsville restaurant reopened for business on Tuesday morning after a Monday afternoon incident involving a vehicle that crashed into the building and ...
Mon. Sep 12th 2011
Williamsville Firefighters responded early this morning at 0533 Hrs for a report of a garage fire on Troy Del Way. Williamsville 9-2 went on location reporting a fully involved attached garage. Comma...
Our Company Presidents

H. L. Reist                        1907

L. Kreutz                          1908-1909

A. A. Klein                       1910

H. H. Pratt                       1911

L. J. Hinkley                    1912

L. E. Deitz                       1913

J. B. Britting                    1914

G. H. Daniels                  1915

Benjamin Miller               1916

R. C. Herman                  1917

L. J. Hinkley                    1918

Benjamin Miller               1919

H. M. Hoffman                 1920

R. Chalmers                    1921

R. L. Hoffman                 1922

H. L. Hoffman                 1923

A. Steinbrenner              1924

Mr. Stroh                        1925

H. Shaad                        1926

L. Sigl                             1927

E. Rummel                     1928

N. Pfohl                          1929

G. P. Helfter Jr.               1930

A. Anstett                        1931

G. McKenna                    1932

H. Tatu                            1933

A. Anstett                        1934

A. J. Herman                   1935

J. Buchbinder                  1936

A. Wetzel                         1937

S. Jones                          1938

E. Schulenburg                1939

D. McClellan                    1940

W. Bancroft                      1941

E. Graham                       1942

R. B. Nichols                    1943

W. Vogelsang Jr.              1944

R. Conway                       1945

E. Graham                       1946

R. Kelley                          1947

Howard Tatu                    1948

William Wutz Jr.               1949

Herbert Stoeckl                1950

Thomas Dietsch               1951

Corliss Bain                      1952

Frank Mayer                     1953

Walter Gerber                   1954

William Bachman             1955

William Moore                  1956

John Gorono                    1957

Robert Brown                   1958

Eugene Ouchie                1959

Anthony Corpus               1960

Paul Spoth                       1961

Theodore Kull                  1962

William Wutz                    1963

William Barndollar            1964

Richard Spoth                  1965

Edward Bergmann           1966

William Serio                    1967-1968

Robert E. Oehmler           1969-1970

Donald Schueckler           1971

Edward Bergmann           1972

Michael P. Wutz               1973

William Serio                   1974-1975

Gordon Wahlgren            1976

Paul R. Oehmler              1977-1978

Michael P. Wutz               1979

Edward W. Andrews         1980-1981

Evor G. Williams              1982-1983

Joseph W. Burden            1984

Edwin F. Lavery               1985

Michael D. Schrembs       1986-1987

David F. Sherman            1988-1989

Richard J. Maddigan        1990

James L. Doerfler             1991-1992

Joseph P. Frese               1993-1994

Albert Weisser                 1995-1996

David F. Sherman            1997-2000

James. D. Olivieri            2001-2004

Peter F. Strobel               2005-2008

Paul R. Oehmler             2009-2010

James C. Olivieri            2011-2013

Joseph P. Frese             2014-2015

Robin K. Schott              2016-2017

Joseph P. Frese               In Office


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