Rescue 5

2018 F650/4Guys

Williamsville Fire Department Medium Rescue
• 2018 Ford F650 Crew Cab
• 6.7L Power Stroke V-8 Turbo Diesel
• 4 Wheel ABS, air brakes
• All LED lighting including Akron Brass Revel scene lights on all 4 sides
• Command Light Tower with (6) 220W AC-FRC Spectra LED lights heads including a backlight option.
• Whelen Emergency Lighting including front and rear arrow sticks
• FRC Seon InView 360 degree Camera System Featuring
• Amkus ION Spreader and Cutters
• Amkus hydraulic tools with portable pump
• Full assortment of Dewalt Flex Volt portable tools
• Full assortment of Paratech Struts, portable air cart with air bags
• Haz-Mat supplies, including a pull out oil dry hopper
• Firefighter rehab equipment including TFT Decon units, misting fans and shelter

• Stainless Steel Body with full height – full depth compartments
• ROM Robinson Roll Up Doors with a painted finish
• 12 volt electrical system
• Wheel well speedy dry hopper
• PEG board mounting and PAC mounts throughout
• Sabre Venting system
• 15kw generator
• 22 karat Gold Leaf Lettering by VSP